Eclipse of the mind

by Matthias Stock

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This is a musical describtion of the course of feelings someone has in state of opression, fear and panic.

Musically I tried some new things here:

For the first time I used an effect device to create 3D sounds even with listening just on two speakers or headphones. Listen especially to the metallic sequence. It can be heard best by using headphones.

The main measurement is 5/4 which is not very common in popular music these days. In some parts the basic 5/4 measurement is completed by sounds playing 4/4 to create a feeling of confusion.

The whole composition is derived from a Cm9 chord. In the intro the theme is played in normal and half speed at the same time. One on the left, the other one on the right speaker. While the main theme later is just repeated a few times the accompainiment brings in tension by the prinicple of playing at different speeds on each side again and also changes its harmonic basis.

The drumsounds are created by an Arturia Drumbrute which was then bitcrushed by the Alesis Bitrman and sampled into the vintage Korg DSS-1 sampling synthesizer. The DSS-1 is special as a sampler because it uses analog filters. These filters are used here to further process the Drumsounds and give them a unique character. Musically the distorted drums are meant to increase a general feeling of opression and confusion.


released February 9, 2019
Music: Matthias Stock (01-02/2019)

Arranged by: Matthias Stock
Produced by: Matthias Stock
Sound design: Matthias Stock
Recorded at: Matthias Stocks private studio on 7th, February 2019

Cover artwork: Claus Jahn -Thank you very much for your work and
patience. ;)

Cover photo: Matthias Stock -View from Großer Inselsberg on 2nd,
October 2016


Composing tool: Atari ST with Cubase

Drums: Korg DSS-1 with bitcrushed drums from Arturia Drumbrute

Bass: Roland JX8P + DBX166XL

3D sequence: Roland JV2080 + Boss SX700

Strings: Roland JX3P + Line6 M5

Mellotron Violin: Akai Z4

Spicato Strings: Akai Z4

Bell/Rhodes: Novation Mininova (2)

Lead: Novation Bass Station 2

Ringmod FX: Novation Bass Station 2

Ambient pad: Korg Wavestation A/D

Short reverb: Lexicon PCM91

Medium reverb: TC Electronic Reverb 4000

Long reverb: Neunaber Immerse

Delay: TC Electronic D-Two


all rights reserved



Matthias Stock Osnabrück, Germany

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